Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

5.23. When I crosspost an article to a moderated group and unmoderated groups, it gets mailed to the moderator but isn't posted to the unmoderated groups. Why?

Because that's the way it works, although some folks don't like it. When you post to a moderated and an unmoderated group, the post is sent to the moderator where it waits for approval. Moderators have the option of crossposting your article so that it appears in the unmoderated newsgroups as well as in the moderated ones. Or they could post it only to the moderated group. Or they could choose not to post it at all.

If you want your article to go out immediately to the unmoderated groups, you could post it twice--once to the unmoderated group and once to the moderated groups. Posting a message in multiple places without crossposting is bad karma, though.

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