Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

6.6. How can I read a text file while on an FTP site without ending my FTP session?

Often, when you're exploring FTP sites, you'll see text files--such as file indices or README files--that you'll want to read immediately, without leaving the FTP session. If you're using UNIX, an easy way to get a file (in this example, it's called README) and view it in one fell swoop it by typing the following:
get README /dev/tty
Depending on the UNIX shell you use, you may also be able to use
get README |more
which will let you read the file one screenful at a time.

Note: Because many FTP sites allow only a small number of simultaneous users, if you plan to peruse a lot of long text files, don't read them while you're tying up an FTP connection. Instead, get them all at once and read them offline at your leisure.

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