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7.17. I've heard about an electronic mail system called Elm. How can I find a copy of it on the Internet?

Again, here's a great chance to work with Veronica, only this time you'll want to do a slightly more sophisticated query. I connected to NYSERNet and used elm and mail -t0 to find only documents that included elm and mail as words. It found well over 200 matches. Here are the first few:
1.  Elm Mail User Agent FAQ - FAQ
2.  comp.mail.elm.
3.  Re: ELM New Mail Question... Pl. Help.
4.  Re: Elm 2.4 PL 2 & a reply to local mail problem.
5.  Re: How to "efficiently" send MIME mail with elm?.
6.  Re: ELM 2.4PL6 - Big problem! Changing permissions on /usr/mail.
7.  Re: ELM 2.4PL6 - Big problem! Changing permissions on /usr/mail.
8.  mail status in elm.
9.  Re: elm won't pipe mail via .forward.
You can see that there's even a FAQ about the program, as well as a Usenet group (that's what the second document talks about). Either would be a great place to start searching for information on how to obtain a copy, if you were so inclined.

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