Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

7.18. What about looking for specific programs or documents? Isn't that what Archie is for?

Archie is useful, but it isn't the only way to find files. Gopher and Veronica can help, too. Because there isn't a unified information space on the Internet, resources can appear in one area but be excluded from another simply due to the methods that are used to collate data. In a nutshell, Gopher usually isn't the best choice if the information you seek is likely to be found in an FTP archive. Instead, that's where the Archie program comes in handy. (Archie is covered in Chapter 6, "How Can I Find and Use Software (and Other Stuff)?" If you have it on your system, you'll be able to type Archie and work directly with the program. If not, don't despair; there are a number of hosts on the net that support remote Archie queries.

For example, I might have some documents that I make available through anonymous FTP and register with the local Archie server. Because I don't have Gopher available, it doesn't end up cited in Gopherspace, so a search for my document with Veronica will fail, whereas a search for the same document in Archie will succeed. Often the opposite is true, too. That's why there are some new, smarter, information-searching tools popping up such as Knowbots.

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