Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

7.39. What general reference works are available through the Internet?

This sounds like a job for Veronica, so I'll search for general reference and see what I find. Lots of great stuff. One of the best is the Gopher server at, but a quick compilation of a few different directories reveals the following:
Airlines Tollfree Phone Numbers
Airport Codes
American English Dictionary
CIA World Factbook 1991, 1992, and 1993
Daily Almanac
Dictionary of Computing
ISO Countries
Library Terminology (English)
Library Terminology (Spanish)
Local Times Around the World
Martini geography server (Info by city or area code)
New Hacker's Dictionary (Computer Jargon)
On-line Calendar for month/year
Periodic Table of Elements
Roget's Thesaurus (Published 1911)
U.S. Geographic Names Database
U.S. Telephone Area Codes
U.S. Zip Code Directory
Univ of Pennsylvania, Devils, and Jargon Dictionary
Weights & Measures.
World Phone Books
World Telephone Code Information
World Wide Area Codes

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