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I also travel quite a bit on business, and it would be great if I could save some money on air fare (and learn more about my destination before I got there). What's available?

There are a couple of Usenet groups that discuss travel issues, but they're quite highly trafficked and can be difficult to read due to their volume. A better general resource for online travel information of any sort is to check the "Travel/Online-info FAQ" document. It lists a variety of interesting and useful online resources.

To obtain this FAQ, FTP to
You can also request this same file by electronic mail,
Subject: <subject line is ignored>
Body: send /pub/usenet/news.answers/travel/online-info
Another item of note is the desirably-named FAQ, "Airplane Tickets, Cheap," which is available via FTP,
or by using your favorite World Wide Web browser at

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