Your Internet Consultant - The FAQs of Life Online

I spent my last $25 on this book and I really need a job. There's gotta be job listings online, yes?

Certainly. If you have access to the Usenet, check out the set of newsgroups. Here you can find job listings, post your resume, or ask questions about the details of job hunting. (If you're already employed, don't let your boss find you reading these newsgroups!)
Note: If you're a computer person, electronics engineer, or other tech-head looking for gainful employment, you can't go wrong with Although these newsgroups are not dedicated to listing jobs in computing fields, the vast majority of the listings are computer-related. The simple reason is that companies need to be relatively technologically adept to be on the Internet. Who's more computer savvy than the computer firms themselves? Note: There are also a variety of "local" newsgroups devoted to finding and talking about jobs in specific areas. For instance, if you're looking for a job in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can read the newsgroup You won't see job listings from other, less interesting parts of the world. Here are a few local job newsgroups: San Francisco Bay area UC Berkeley Atlanta Australia Canada Texas United Kingdom

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