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Can I buy books through the Internet?

From The Internet Mall

There are a lot of bookstores on the Internet:

Book Stacks Unlimited, a general subject bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio, can be connected through the Internet by using Telnet to connect to

Moe's Books of Berkeley, California, is an excellent used bookstore with over half a million titles specializing in rare, antiquarian, remainders and imported books. Available catalogs are photography, art monographs, fine press/literature and illustrated children's books. Contact them through e-mail:

Future Fantasy, a bookstore of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery, and Horror, is now on the Net. You can browse their catalog and place orders through WorldWideWeb. Use the URL

United Techbook Company of Longmont, Colorado, offers an online book service of more than a million titles. You can connect, search for titles, and order books by using the command telnet with the account utc (the password is also utc).

You can contact a number of specialty bookstores through the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link: type gopher and choose commercial services to find FringeWare, Extreme Books (catalog also available via e-mail at and Nebula Books, an online science fiction bookstore in Canada.

Powell's Technical of Portland, Oregon, offers new, used, and antiquarian titles in fields including architecture, computing, communications, engineering, math, and physics. You can contact them through e-mail:

Infinity Link Network Services offers an online catalog of CDs, video tapes, books, and laserdisks, all by connecting via Telnet to; log in as cas at the prompt. Alternatively, use Gopher to

An interesting alternative to modern printed material is electronic books, which are available for purchase through the aptly named Online Bookstore. Connect with Gopher or WWW to

Publications and related materials from Statistics Canada, the national statistical agency of Canada, are now available through its Talon service through Gopher, WAIS, e-mail, and anonymous FTP. Use your favorite connectivity package to connect with

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