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Can I buy technical and computer books through the Internet?

From The Internet Mall

There are a bunch of possibilities:

SoftPro Books is a small computer bookstore with shops in both Boston and Denver and an online catalog of more than 1,000 titles. SoftPro is also available on the Gopher server (choose "Shops of the World"). You can also contact them through e-mail:

O'Reilly & Associates, publishers of a wide variety of high quality books on UNIX and Internet topics offer their books directly through the Internet. Point your Gopher to (for example, gopher or telnet to with the login gopher.

High Mountain Press Direct offers books on UNIX, CAD, desktop publishing, and geographic information systems topics. You can request catalogs and order titles by sending mail to

Artech House, a technical book and software publisher, offers hundreds of different technical titles--and some software and video tapes--via the Internet. Connect to gopher and choose "Shops of the World."

One of the larger technical bookstores accessible online is Quantum Books of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with 20,000 titles on-hand and a database of 65,000 titles. The focus is primarily computer science, math, and physics. Contact them by Gopher: look in "Shops of the World" after connecting with gopher

If you're in Canada and you're interested in computer and other technical books, Roswell Computer Bookstore of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has a catalog of more than 7,000 books available online. Use Gopher, connect to, and choose items 8 and 4 to see what they have.

Silicon Valley is a logical place to find a great technical and computer bookstore, but through the Internet, you can also get to Computer Literacy Bookstore by electronic mail: send a message to to learn more about this service.

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